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Mathematics for Australia (Australian Curriculum)


Mathematics for Australia 7


Sandra Haese
Michael Haese
Mark Humphries

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424 pages


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Sample chapters for download

1. Whole Numbers
9. Equations
12. Measurement
16. Statistics
17. Transformations

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About the Book

Mathematics for Australia 7 has been designed and written for the Australian Curriculum. The textbook and interactive student CD provide an engaging and structured package, allowing students to explore and develop their confidence in Mathematics.

The book contains a variety of exercises ranging from basic to advanced, to cater for a range of student abilities and interests. The material is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow style, free from unnecessary distractions, while effort has been made to contextualise questions so that students can relate concepts to everyday use.

Each chapter begins with an Opening Problem, offering an insight into the application of the mathematics that will be studied in the chapter. Important information and key notes are highlighted while worked examples provide step-by-step instructions with concise and relevant explanations. Discussions, Activities, Investigations and Research exercises are used throughout the chapters to develop understanding, problem solving, and reasoning, within an interactive environment.

Extensive Review Sets are located at the end of each chapter, comprising a range of question types including short answer, extended response and multiple choice.

The accompanying CD contains specially designed SELF TUTOR software. Click on any worked example throughout the book to activate a teacher's voice which will explain each step in the worked example. SELF TUTOR is an excellent tool for students who have been absent from class or for those who need extra revision and practice.

In addition to SELF TUTOR the interactive CD contains links to geometry software, statistics packages, demonstrations, calculator instructions and a range of printable worksheets, tables, spreadsheets and diagrams, allowing teachers to demonstrate concepts and students to experiment for themselves.

We have endeavoured to provide a stimulating textbook and CD package aiming to develop and encourage student understanding. Through the use of contextual problems and the application of technology we hope to help students appreciate the application of mathematics in everyday use.

Using the Interactive CD

The interactive CD is ideal for independent study.

Students can revisit concepts taught in class and undertake their own revision and practice. The CD also has the text of the book, allowing students to leave the textbook at school and keep the CD at home.

By clicking on the relevant icon, a range of new interactive features can be accessed:

  • Self Tutor
  • Interactive Links – to spreadsheets, video clips, graphing and geometry software, computer demonstrations and simulations

Self Tutor

Self Tutor is an exciting feature of this book.

The SELF TUTOR icon on each worked example denotes an active link on the CD.

Students can revisit concepts taught in class and undertake their own revision and practice. The CD also has the text of the book, allowing students to leave the textbook at school and keep the CD at home.

Simply click on the SELF TUTOR (or anywhere in the example box) to access the worked example, with a teacher’s voice explaining each step necessary to reach the answer.

Play any line as often as you like. See how the basic processes come alive using movement and colour on the screen. Ideal for students who have missed lessons or need extra help.


See Chapter 9, Equations, p. 204

Table of contents

1 WHOLE NUMBERS    (click to download sample) 9
  A The number system 11
  B Number strategies 13
  C Rounding numbers 16
  D Estimation 17
  E Operating with numbers 19
  F Index notation 24
  G Square numbers 26
  H Order of operations 27
    Review set 1 31
    Practice test 1A: Multiple choice 32
    Practice test 1B: Short response 33
    Practice test 1C: Extended response 33
  A Points and lines 36
  B Measuring and classifying angles 39
  C Angle properties 42
  D Angle pairs 46
  E Parallel lines 49
  F Geometric construction 54
    Review set 2 58
    Practice test 2A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 2B: Short response 60
    Practice test 2C: Extended response 61
  A Divisibility tests 64
  B Factors of natural numbers 67
  C Prime and composite numbers 69
  D Highest common factor 72
  E Multiples of natural numbers 74
  F Square roots of whole numbers 76
    Review set 3 78
    Practice test 3A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 3B: Short response 79
    Practice test 3C: Extended response 79
  A Opposites 82
  B The number line 85
  C Adding and subtracting negatives 89
  D Multiplying negative numbers 93
  E Dividing negative numbers 95
  F Combined operations 96
  G Using your calculator 97
    Review set 4 98
    Review test 4A: Multiple choice 99
    Review test 4B: Short response 100
    Review test 4C: Extended response 101
  A Common fractions 105
  B Fractions as division 106
  C Proper and improper fractions 109
  D Placing fractions on a number line 110
  E Equal fractions and simplifying 111
  F Comparing fractions 116
  G Adding and subtracting fractions 117
  H Multiplying fractions 119
  I Reciprocals 121
  J Dividing fractions 121
  K Evaluating fractions using a calculator 123
  L Problem solving 124
    Review set 5 126
    Practice test 5A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 5B: Short response 127
    Practice test 5C: Extended response 127
  A Place value 130
  B Converting decimals to fractions 132
  C Rounding decimal numbers 133
  D Ordering decimal numbers 134
  E Adding and subtracting decimal numbers 137
  F Multiplying by powers of 10 140
  G Dividing by powers of 10 141
  H Multiplying decimal numbers 142
  I Dividing decimal numbers 145
    Review set 6 147
    Practice test 6A: Multiple choice 148
    Practice test 6B: Short response 149
    Practice test 6C: Extended response 149
  A Building expressions 152
  B Key words in algebra 158
  C Simplifying expressions 159
  D Algebraic products 162
  E Evaluating algebraic expressions 164
  F Formulae 166
  G Practical problems using formulae 168
    Review set 7 171
    Practice test 7A: Multiple choice 172
    Practice test 7B: Short response 173
    Practice test 7C: Extended response 173
  A Understanding percentages 176
  B Interchanging number forms 178
  C One quantity as a percentage of another 182
  D Finding a percentage of a quantity 185
    Review set 8 187
    Practice test 8A: Multiple choice 188
    Practice test 8B: Short response 189
    Practice test 8C: Extended response 190
9 EQUATIONS    (click to download sample) 191
  A Equations 192
  B Solving simple equations 193
  C Maintaining balance 195
  D Inverse operations 199
  E Algebraic flowcharts 202
  F Solving equations 203
  G Equations with a repeated variable 206
  H Writing equations 207
  I Problem solving 207
    Review set 9 209
    Practice test 9A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 9B: Short response 210
    Practice test 9C: Extended response 211
  A Polygons 214
  B Triangles 218
  C Angles of a triangle 219
  D Isosceles triangles 223
  E Quadrilaterals 226
  F Angles of a quadrilateral 230
    Review set 10 231
    Practice test 10A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 10B: Short response 233
    Practice test 10C: Extended response 235
  A Map references 239
  B Number grids 241
  C Positive and negative coordinates 244
  D Plotting points from a table of values 247
    Review set 11 249
    Practice test 11A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 11B: Short response 250
    Practice test 11C: Extended response 251
12 MEASUREMENT    (click to download sample) 253
  A Length 254
  B Perimeter 256
  C Area 260
  D The area of a rectangle 263
  E Other areas 265
  F Volume 269
    Review set 12 272
    Practice test 12A: Multiple choice 273
    Practice test 12B: Short response 274
    Practice test 12C: Extended response 275
  A Ratio 278
  B Writing ratios as fractions 280
  C Equal ratios 281
  D Problem solving using ratios 284
  E Rates 289
  F Comparing prices 290
    Review set 13 292
    Practice test 13A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 13B: Short response 293
    Practice test 13C: Extended response 294
  A Properties of line graphs 296
  B Estimating from line graphs 298
  C Travel graphs 304
    Review set 14 306
    Practice test 14A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 14B: Short response 308
    Practice test 14C: Extended response 309
  A Describing probability 312
  B Assigning numbers to probabilities 314
  C Sample space 316
  D Theoretical probability 317
    Review set 15 323
    Practice test 15A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 15B: Short response 324
    Practice test 15C: Extended response 325
16 STATISTICS    (click to download sample) 327
  A Data collection 329
  B Categorical data 330
  C Numerical data 336
  D Measuring the centre and spread 341
    Review set 16 347
    Practice test 16A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 16B: Short response 349
    Practice test 16C: Extended response 350
17 TRANSFORMATIONS    (click to download sample) 351
  A Translations 352
  B Reflections and line symmetry 355
  C Rotations and rotational symmetry 359
  D Combinations of transformations 365
    Review set 17 368
    Practice test 17A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 17B: Short response 369
    Practice test 17C: Extended response 371
18 SOLIDS 373
  A Drawing rectangular solids 374
  B Views of solids 378
    Review set 18 382
    Practice test 18A: Multiple choice CD
    Practice test 18B: Short response 383
    Practice test 18C: Extended response 384
  INDEX 422