UK Curricula

Students in the United Kingdom are awarded the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) upon the successful completion of Year 11, and the General Certificate of Education Advanced level (A level) upon the successful completion of Year 13.

Haese Mathematics has had many years of experience writing textbooks for students around the world through our International Baccalaureate series. With the specifications for A level Mathematics having been revised in 2017, it is an exciting opportunity for us to bring this experience to the UK.

Teachers interested in viewing our new books for Advanced Mathematics AS & A Level can obtain a free 4 month preview of the digital version by clicking here.

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A Level

Advanced level (A level) Mathematics courses are generally taken over a two-year period, typically by students aged 16-18. Alternatively, students may choose to study AS level Mathematics courses, which are generally studied over one year.

Our AS and A level textbooks are suitable for study under any of the awarding organisations.