Challenge Question

Challenge question #55 (17/07/2017)

Junior Question

Four students have forgotten to write their names on their maths test. Their teacher hands out the marked tests to the four students at random.

What is the probability that none of the students receive the correct test?

Senior Question

Maths Image Jasba and Chris play a game with an unusual set of dice.
  • Die $A$ has sides  $2$, $2$, $4$, $4$, $9$, $9$  
  • Die $B$ has sides  $1$, $1$, $6$, $6$, $8$, $8$  
  • Die $C$ has sides  $3$, $3$, $5$, $5$, $7$, $7$  

Jasba chooses his die first, then Chris chooses his die from those remaining. Both players roll their die, and the player who rolls the higher number wins.

Describe the strategy Chris should use to ensure that he always has an advantage in the game.

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